Detective Jace Conroy

Detective Conroy is a detective with the Austin Police Department. He was involved in many investigations of somewhat supernatural occurances. The most recent one involved a dead werewolf. Conroy is not usually taken seriously around the other officers


Jace Conroy, Detective. Level 3 Starting Occupation: Law Enforcement Charismatic Hero STR: 15 2 DEX: 15 2 CON: 14 2 INT: 14 2 WIS: 14 2 CHA: 18 4

HP: 24 AC: 13 SPD: 30 REP: 2 AP: 9 WB: 4


MELEE: 3=1+2 RANGE: 3=1+2 GRAPPLE: 3=1+2

WEAPONS: BARETTA 92F 9mm ATK Bonus:+4 DMG:2d6 CRIT:20 RNG:40 TYPE:Ballistic SIZE:Small NOTES: 15/clip 3 Clips(1 in gun, 2 reloads)

DESERT EAGLE .50 ATK Bonus:+3 DMG:2d8 CRIT:20 RNG:40 TYPE:Ballistic SIZE:Medium NOTES: 9/clip 2 Clips(1 in gun, 1 reload)

SKILLS: Bluff: 15=4+6+2+3 Computer Use: 6=2+4 Diplomacy: 14=4+6+3+1 Disguise: 8=4+2+2 Gamble: 5=2+3 Gather Information: 11=4+6+1 Handle Animal: 8=4+4 Intimidate: 8=4+4 Investigate: 4=2+2 Knowledge(Civics): 8=2+6 Knowledge(Streetwise): 4=2+2 Knowledge(Theology/Philosophy): 8=2+6 Perform(Stand-Up): 4=4 Sense Motive: 8=2+4+2

FEATS: Attentive: +2 to Investigate and Sense Motive Deceptive: +2 to Bluff and Disguise Weapon Focus: Baretta 9mm Personal Firearms Prficiency

ABILITIES: Coordinate: CHA Check(DC10) Allies within 30ft gain +1 Bonus to ATK and Skill checks. Fast-Talk: Charismatic Level to Bluff,Diplomacy, and Gamble.

GEAR: Cell Phone: Blackberry Curve Handcuffs Evidence Kit Lock Pick Set ToughBook Laptop Video Camera


My name is Jace Conroy. I am a detective with the Austin Police Department, and have been in the Police Force for 6 years now, all in Austin, my hometown.

At 22 years old, I had already graduated from the police academy, making me the youngest person to graduate to the force. I spent 4 years as uniform, either on foot patrol, or in a squad car, and the last 2 years as a detective. During my time as a uniform, I was heralded again and again for my abilities to interact with other people, be they criminals or citizens. During my last year as a beat cop, there were a string of murders in our city, which had been referred to as the Austin Ripper Murders. The evidence pointed to some kind of animal committing the “crimes”, but the locations didn’t fit. I mentioned to the detectives that were investigating the crimes that no animal, could make its way into some ones home or place of work, through locked doors, then claw, bite or tear a human body to pieces. Then they would leave, again through the same locked entrance? Sorry, doesn’t work for me. Of course, as per the norm, my theory, which I voiced since the finding of the second crime scene, of a Human/Lupine hybrid, was scoffed and thrown to the side. The detectives chalked it up to me viewing too many horror movies, which I admit; I do have a rather large catalogue of movies, books and reference material involving “Paranormal” or mythological materials.

Some people see it as an oddity, though I see it as a basis for some potential fact. Humanity as a whole has no clue what is out there, either on earth or in space. We just don’t know, and I like to keep an open mind.

Sorry, I wandered. In the end, THEY found a suspect. More importantly, I found a suspect. The crime scene investigation team found a partial fingerprint at the 43rd crime scene, which was linked to a person, whom I took into custody from the scene the same day. I was the first person to respond to the crime scene, approximately 45 minutes before the detectives and investigation team arrived. This marked the 41st crime scene that I was the first officer to respond to. Not very good to convince people you are not the felon. As I was securing the scene, I wandered into the backyard of the suburban home. I noticed tracks, human footprints leaving the back door of the house, and heading toward the garden shed. I drew my service weapon and headed to the shed. In the shed, I found the mutilated corpse of the now deceased residents dog, a brown German Shepard. I noticed that the footprints continued out of the shed, and around the side of it. I continued around the side, and found an unconscious male, Caucasian, approximately 35 years old, with an athletic build, completely naked, lying on the ground in a pile of what appeared to be dog hair. Both his hands and mouth were covered in blood; his chest was spackled with blood splatter, presumably from either the victim in the house, or the dog in the shed. I cuffed the individual, after taking photographs of the scene and collecting some of the fur, and took him into custody.

After the investigators went into the scene and had their way with it, they found a partial print that matched the person I found behind the shed. The man, who was not yet identified, was unconscious for three days. Eventually he was charged with 42 counts of aggravated assault, and 42 counts of 1st degree murder. He was sentenced to death. Of course, here in Texas we love the Death Penalty, and use it liberally. I never found out where the fur came from, the detectives assumed it belonged to the dog that had been killed and left in the shed, but I will tell you that there was not enough damage to the animal to remove that much fur from it. The official report stated that the fur came from the animal, but I whole-heartedly disagree with that assessment.

To me, it is unquestionable; the man must have been a lycanthrope of some kind. It was and still is the only logical explanation. The amount of fur, and its dispersal around the unconscious man points directly to lycanthropy. According to multiple myths, there are two ways for a Werecreature to revert to its natural form, either the fur sloughs off and falls to the ground, or it retracts into the body. There is really no other explanation for that much fur to be at the scene. What you think the lady had a garbage bag full of dog hair just sitting around not 2 days before garbage day? I think not Tim.

In the end, the police commissioner promoted me to detective, grudgingly. It was a great day for me, yet another milestone in my career. Another one is about to occur though. It appears that I am being accepted to the FBI for some new department that they are putting together. I have no clue what I’m in for, but I am greatly excited.

Det. Jace Conroy.

Detective Jace Conroy

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