CAIN Project

CAI-001 Field Report (Second Sessions Notes)

Case# CAI-001 Field Report:

Location: Bristow, Oklahoma.

Main Contact: Sheriff Jim Carter.

 The case involves the reappearance of five girls who randomly disappeared in 1953. All the girls were around 20 years old when they disappeared and all disappeared from different locations, within a week of each other. One disappeared from her bedroom, while another from a drive-in in Bristow. No crowds or others were present when the girls disappeared.

The girls were found outside town by a group of five local people who were out riding ATV’s through the forest nearby. People who found them were Catherine, Ryan Carver, Joe, Kelly, and Barry. The girls seemed un-aged from when they were taken, even though it was 50 years later. All five were unconscious when found, though one woke up, Sophia Bradley. Bradley proceeded to attack the people who found her, throwing one Ryan Carver from his ATV, and taking it. Ryan shot her once she started attacking, with a 22 pistol, striking her in the leg. 200 yards from where she stole the ATV, Bradley fell off the bike, dead. The four unconscious women were taken, in a coma, to St. Anthony’s in Oklahoma City.

The girls were found, naked in a clearing north of route 44, near Exit 6. Ryan Carver has a cabin nearby, and that is were the five left from on their ATV’s. Ryan Carver is something of a local hero, being a baseball player with the Red Hawks AAA baseball team. Joe and Barry also play on the team. Ryan is somewhat disliked by the other players on the team, and is also reported to use steroids.

Joe said that Sophia had “Strange Characteristics” in his police report, saying that she had “Claws and Fangs” when she jumped and attacked Ryan. He referred to her as a “Vampire”. No medical autopsy had been performed on the body of Sophia Bradley until the FBI team arrived. Agent Dr. Miranda Swann preformed autopsy.

During the autopsy, Sophia was found to have her fingers and toes dissolved to the first knuckle. Her front teeth were missing as well, assumed also dissolved. A cyst was found inside Bradley’s torso along with a small worm. Another small worm, and growth described as a ganglea was found in her brain. A mucusy yellow liquid was found in and around her body. There were also signs that she had recently given birth. She was married prior to disappearing, but her husband later turned out to be homosexual. Bradley’s family have been made aware of the situation with their lost member, but have not been allowed to see her body yet.

The Crime Scene:

Location: Woods, North of Bristow, Oklahoma, North of Route 44, Exit 6

Agent’s Conroy and Tarkus went to the scene where the five girls were found. When they arrived, they had to leave their vehicle at the end of a bike trail, which was rather rugged and would have damaged any normal vehicle that traveled on it. Agent Conroy began by taking photo and video evidence of the burns, which were along the tops of bushes at ground level, and the top seven or eight feet of 30-35 foot pine trees. It is still unclear what could have made these burn marks. Conroy took samples of the burnt vegetation for further testing.

Agent Tarkus found sets of tracks in the mud near the location where the ATV’s entered the clearing. One set was definitely of human origin, and the other was of unknown origin. The second set seemed to have claws upon the foot that created the track. The agents took photo and video evidence of the tracks and later returned with quick setting cement to take casts of the prints. It was later determined that the second set of tracks was from the transformed Sophia Bradley, and the first set were also from her, before transformation.

Tracks from what was assumed to be a truck of some kind were found near the location of the bodies, and the locations of the final resting place of Sophia Bradley’s body. They were later confirmed to be tracks from a truck owned by one of the people that found the bodies.

Agent Tarkus found a bullet, presumed to be the one that Ms. Bradley was shot with on the ground near the spot where she had commandeered the ATV. It appeared to have hit something that deformed and crumpled it. It was taken into evidence for further testing.

The Investigation:

During the investigation, it was found that there were things that were left out of the police reports. They were left out for what was assumed to be a good reason, the local law enforcement did not want to scare away people that were coming to the town. It appears that the disappearances have been happening since the 1930’s. Nine people, usually girls, disappeared every nine years. This is the first instance in which people have actually returned, or have been found.

Agent Tarkus talked to one of the police officers, and found that the previous sheriff, one Jack Howling, had served as sheriff of Bristow for twenty years. He knew of and covered up the ritualistic, and mysterious disappearances. The current sheriff, Jim Carter, continued the same routine, of covering up the disappearances. It is still unknown what causes the disappearances of so many girls from the same town every nine years. The disappearances occur during the first two weeks of October, like clock work.

Ryan Carver was badly injured at the scene: deep lacerations and punctures in his upper torso, chest area. A few days later, Agent Andrew Tarkus went to Carver’s house to ask him to appear at the police station with the rest of the people who found the five girls. He resisted, and was displaying irrational/surprising behaviour. Later that night, Agent Tarkus, along with two local police officers went to exercise an arrest warrant on Mr. Carver. Once, scene they found Carver was missing along with his car. A young woman named Jennifer was the only one in the house. It appears that her and Carver had had physical relations that evening. Tarkus searched the house, finding that the ground floor bathroom was a biohazard of epic proportions, covered from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall in a yellow, semi-solid substance.

The hunt was on for Carver. Agent Conroy contacted the local Oklahoma City Police Department, asking that they keep their eyes open for Ryan Carver. He also contacted the Oklahoma Field Office of the FBI, and spoke to Director LaBraun. He asked for 10 agents to be sent to St. Anthony’s Hospital, to keep an eye on the four unconscious women.

Later, Conroy received a phone call from Oklahoma PD stating that there had been a run in with Carver at the hospital, and that he had left with two of the four women. A slightly heated discussion occurred between Agent Conroy and Director LeBraun.

It was determined that Carver had had a conversation with one of the three FBI agents that were at the Hospital at the time. The one that he was talking to had assisted him in wheeling the two girls out in wheel chairs. They got into an FBI vehicle and left the city.

Tarkus went to his cabin in the woods between Bristow and Oklahoma. No-one was there. It was found out that Carver was heading, in the FBI vehicle, toward his cabin. Tarkus remained on location, waiting for him to show up.

Upon his arrival, he and the two girls entered the cabin and began eating sandwiches. Agent Conroy, and seven other FBI agents, armed with tranquilizer’s arrived on scene, and began staking out the cabin. Dr. Miranda Swann arrived on scene, and injected everyone with a low dose of Thorezine, upon the suggestion of Director Bridge. The incursion, and hopeful capture of Mr. Carver began.

A peaceful contact was attempted, with Agent Conroy announcing their presence. Carver jumped to attention, so did the two girls. It appeared that Carver was controlling the two girls. They closed the blinds on the windows to the cabin, and fled the cabin. Agents Tarkus and Conroy went after Carver, after shrugging off the mental effects of his new-found abilities. Once communicated with, Carver appeared to be not in control of his own actions. Carver engaged Tarkus and Conroy in melee combat, making contact with Tarkus, cutting him with a claw across the collarbone. Tarkus retaliated by shooting him with a beanbag round from his shotgun, catching him in the chest.

The young ladies that he was with ran towards the woods from opposite sides of the cabin. One mounted an ATV sitting in the woods, and started it.

Carver was apprehended, after being knocked out by Agents Conroy and Tarkus.


Girls all showed to have given birth and show the glands and growths found on Bradley’s body. Jennifer showed signs of infection, but disappeared during the capture of Carver. One girl has two sets of memories for the time while she was missing. One has her meeting and falling in love with Marlon Brando. The other has her laying on a metal table, with two men in rubber suits poking and proding her, and mentioning something about a baby. She believes the baby was not human. The girls have been taken to an undisclosed location, and are being kept under survailance.

Tarkus was found to be not infected by the conflict with Carver.



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