CAIN Project

2009-06-28 First session

The first session was short but sweet, and we also found out that gaming on the new sofa is possible, woo hoo.

Our heroes, three new FBI recruits, meet and work together for the first time:

  • Detective Jace Conroy :  recruited from the Austin, Texas P.D. following several recent run-ins with supernatural crimes, the most recent involving a dead werewolf.
  • Dr. Miranda Swann:  a microsurgeon by trade, her sister was kidnapped by the serial killer "Cain".  Miranda hunted down the killer but was captured herself, and only barely rescued in time by Bridge's team.  After she applied to the FBI specifically to work on the CAIN project.
  • Tarkus:  former member of the Washington D.C. SWAT team.  He was one of the SWAT officers involved in the rescue of Dr. Swann.  As one of the few officers who wasn't completely freaked out by the supernatural nature of the job, he was targetted afterwards by Bridge for recruitment into the CAIN project.

Their first mission together is to pass the final FBI training exercise together as a team.  The group meets up with Captain Alonzo at a field training camp, in front of what appears to be a normal two story house plucked out of any suburban neighbourhood.  Alonzo tells them the mission involves a hostage situation.  There are at least three hostages inside and an unknown number of baddies.  The team is told to rescue the hostages, one in particular, and to capture or kill all the baddies except one who needs to be taken alive.

Jace calls the baddies up on the phone while Tarkus finds a likely point of entry.  Miranda arranges for audio surveillance.  The baddies agree to let the Doctor in to treat a wounded hostage.  Miranda finds out that the wounded person is actually most likely a baddie and injects him with a sleeping drug, much to the dislike of the FBI training officer.  She then used her hidden mic to let the others know the location of most of the baddies and hostages.

Jace and Tarkus then storm the building, using smoke bombs (while debating the pros and cons of breaking through windows) and take out several of the baddies.  Miranda somehow got up on the roof of the front veranda after seeing one of the hostage takers struggling with a captive.  Tarkus continued clearing the baddies on the main floor while Jace and Miranda took down the last ones upstairs and rescued the final hostage.

Alonzo congratulated the team and sent them to meet with their new boss, Assistant Director Daniel Bridge.  The group gathered in Bridge's office, located in the dusty, grimy basement of the FBI building.  Bridge welcomes them to the CAIN project, and reveals that he was injured severely during the Cain mission and is now in a wheelchair.

After some chit-chat Bridge gives the group their first real mission:  the local police of a small Oklahoma town recently found 5 women (one dead, four alive) who had disappeared without a trace.  All five of them seem to be around 20 years of age, the same as when they disappeared 50 years ago.

The team is asked to investigate.  They leave Bridge's office, on their way to find Agnes, the secretary, to arrange for supplies and flights.







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